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How To Give First Aid to Chemical Burns?

Author: Baidu Wenku Source: Baidu Wenku Time:05 24,2018
  Once accidentally exposed to chemicals, it is necessary to quickly remove the clothes and immediately wash the wound part with plenty of water for more than 15 minutes.
  When cleaning, you should ensure that all affected parts are washed in case chemicals persist. When cleaning eyes, nose and mouth, you must be quick and careful. For cleaning eyes, normal saline or clean tap water is recommended. Try not to flush in the direction of the cornea, and don't rub your eyes. You can also immerse your face in clean water, keep your eyes wide open by holding your upper and lower eyelids with your hands, and swing your head in the water.
  For skin burns, you’re recommended to use a neutralizer in a short time after washing them with clean water.
  After the rinse, you should timely see the doctor according to the severity of the injuries and let the doctor help you with further treatment of the burns.
  Initial Fire Suppression of production equipment
  The vast majority of explosions starts from tiny things, so it is particularly important to suppress the fire in the early stages. As soon as a fire or explosion occurs from the production equipment, all operators present should promptly take the following measures:
  1.Quickly find out the location, the source and the reason of the fire, close the relevant valves accurately and cut off the material source and the heating source; turn on the fire-fighting facilities for cooling and isolation; turn off the ventilation to prevent the fire from spreading;
  2.For fire caused by material leakage in the pressure vessel, one should close the feeding valve, open the pressure valve timely for emergency emptying; in order to facilitate the fire extinguishing, the material should be discharged into the torch system or other safety equipment parts.
  3.The on-site personnel on duty should make timely decisions on whether to shut the shop or not, and timely report to the Production Dispatching Room and the fire department.
  4.After a fire, personnel should be promptly organized to take accurate technical measures to the equipment, and existing fire-protection facilities and fire-extinguishing equipment should be used to extinguish the fire. If the fire is difficult to extinguish at the moment, measures should be taken to prevent it from spreading, protect key parts and transfer dangerous goods.
  5.As soon as the professional firefighters arrive at the fire scene, the on-site personnel shall introduce the situation to the fire commander in an active and timely manner.