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7 Chinese Scientists Win U.S. “International Young Scientist Award”

Author: Baidu Wenku Source: Baidu Wenku Time:05 24,2018
  On May 9, the second“International Young Scientist Award”established by Howard Hughes Medical Institute(HHMI) of the U.S. has released the results, according to which 41 outstanding young scientists from 16 countries have won the honor. 7 young scientists from China Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and Peking University left their names on the list, making China, this year, the country with the largest number of nominated scientists in the world.
  This year, seven young Chinese scientists nominated by the HHMI "International Youth Scientist Award" are Chen Lingling, a researcher at the Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology of the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Li Guohong and Wang Yanli, two researchers at the Institute of biophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liu Ying, a research of the Peking University, Qi Hai, a professor of Tsinghua University and Jie Wei, a researcher of the Institute of ancient spine of Chinese academy of sciences.
  The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), founded in 1953, is one of the largest non-profit private medical research institutions in the world. Up till now, there are 17 Nobel laureates working in the agency, representing the level of life science research and related fields in the US.