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Introduction of Amicarbazone

Author: Baidu Wenku Source: Baidu Wenku Time:05 24,2018
Chinese name: 胺唑草酮
Chinese alias: 4-氨基-5-氧代-3-异丙基-N-叔丁基-1,2,4-三唑-1-甲酰胺;氨唑草酮E
English name: Amicarbazone

Physico-chemical properties

Relative density: 1.27g/cm3; pure product is colorless crystal, the crude drug is white powder;
Melting point: 137.5°C;
Solubility: 20°C (4600 mg per liter) in water.


It should be sprayed on corns, with the application amount of 33g/mu, or 30kg/mu if it is mixed with water. It has excellent control effects on piemarker, goosefoots, wild amaranth, XanThium sibiricum, and Ipomoea. As to wartwort, Ipomoea, Brachiaria platyphylla and Cenchrus echinatus on sugarcanes, the application amount should be 33g~80g/mu or 30kg/mu if it is mixed with water. On the lawn, although having no impact on the growth of the lawn, it may have certain inhibitory action due to the weeding effect of Amicarbazone, so it is recommended to use it in combination of paclobutrazol.

Prevention and control object

Annual broadleaf weeds, gramineae weeds and bluegrass weeds in corn and sugarcane fields.